It’s no secret that grazing plates and tables are popular for weddings in Adelaide. With their jaw-dropping, impressive variety of colours and flavours, they will very likely be here to stay.

This exquisite catering practice started when grazing platters were served as appetisers. The creative arrangements of the food are among the reasons why it keeps gaining traction.

So, if you’re thinking about having grazing tables for your upcoming wedding, there are some things you need to consider first. The most important one is having a catering service provider who can serve delightful creations. Today, we’re looking at some tips for couples who prefer grazing tables for their upcoming wedding.

Is it possible to only have grazing tables at my wedding?

Dine Catering and other companies in Adelaide have qualified chefs and staff to make the grazing tables beautiful. The ones that are well done can deliver a great amount of delicious food, particularly for smaller and less formal events. Remember that there will always be pitfalls when deciding to go with grazing tables exclusively. If you book the wrong caterer, the presentation might not be very impressive.

When you’re going for grazing tables, always include a lot of flavours and a range of textures. This will ensure variety for your guests. Go with food items that can be eaten at room temperature or cold–those that will not perish fast.

Select delectable choices of cheeses, cold meats, antipasti and add accompaniments, including crackers, salads, fruits, assorted bread, and dips. The main point here is to present abundance.

Quick Tips for your High-End Grazing Tables

A theme for your grazing platters in Adelaide allows your caterer to have the best direction when it comes to how they would look. Since it’s a wedding, ensure that your caterer knows your motif so they can match the colours of the decors, utensils and platters.

Wedding grazing tables will always have variety, achieving a scattered appeal. However, you need to make sure that everything is organised even when your guests start getting their food. Doing so allows you to avoid the mess. Ensure that your caterer has someone on standby to fix everything and make the food look presentable again.

Things You Need to Prepare

It’s always good to check the health and safety requirements, especially when you’re serving cold meat cuts on a hot day. The caterer also needs to prevent any ants, flies, and other creepy crawlers from joining the party.

Generally speaking, it’s always better to have someone looking after the table, to ensure that the platters are replenished when many people are picking at it.

Always think about your guests. Do you have vegans, pescatarians, or pregnant mothers attending your wedding? Then they won’t be eating food that came in contact with deli-meats, soft cheeses, and pates. If you have such guests, then ensure that the food you serve will have so much variety that even they will feel its abundance.

Our team at Dine Catering delivers sumptuous, high-end feasts for couples who are about to get married. Call us for more information!