Among the plethora of things to think about for weddings in Adelaide, caterers should be at the top of the list. Food is a vital part of this once-in-a-lifetime event. You and your partner have finally decided you’ll let caterers take charge of the food. What comes next is finding the best caterer that will help make your wedding a truly special one.

Nobody wants their relatives and friends to get ‘hangry’ at the reception. Therefore, it is a good idea to have the caterer circle the appetisers to prevent any food-related stress from happening during such a joyous occasion. Remember that everyone will be on their best behaviour when their stomachs aren’t rumbling.

A great caterer also heightens the spirits of the guests with aesthetically pleasing, sumptuous, and delicious food. Look at the steps below to help you find the best caterer.

Six to 11 Months Prior to the Wedding

If a self-catered wedding isn’t among your choices, then it’s time to contact about 5 or 6 wedding caterers. Don’t go beyond this as there’s a tendency to lose concentration and precious time. 

Make a list of questions for the caterers you’re going to contact. The questions may include the following:

  • Do you have a vegetarian menu?
  • Do they pair and choose wines?
  • Can they arrange the tenting?
  • If the caterer is outside your area: Can you travel to my wedding location?

Let your potential caterer know about the basics of the wedding. Ensure that you’re also taking notes to help you narrow down your choices further.

Four to Nine Months Before the Wedding

From this point on, it’s time to get more serious. Schedule appointments with the shortlisted catering companies as this will allow you to investigate the costs and their logistics.

During the meeting, be clear about the budget from the very start. Let them know your food choices as well. Ask them how they’ll set up the catering space in your venue as this will eliminate the need to compromise during the big day.

Once you’re done with the initial meeting, the caterers should be able to provide you with a proposal and an estimate of the costs. If the proposed cost falls within or is close to the budget, the next step is to taste the food.

Three to Eight Months Before the Big Day

It’s time to taste those wedding canapes and the other items for your wedding. Tastings can vary from one caterer to another. For example, it can take place in a large space where multiple couples are present and will feature the menu items you can choose from.

Private tastings are still the best option as it allows further discussions about the food and structure. This will help your caterer revise their proposal.

When you finally receive the final proposal, it’s time to decide among the caterers. These should detail everything.

Finally, seal the deal with the caterer. It’s still possible to make a few tweaks to the proposal at this point to suit your needs.

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